Volodymyr-Volynsky school of I-III degrees number 1 is situated on the bank of the picturesque Luga River. It is the oldest school in the town. In December 1939 the first Ukrainian school was organized in the town. It was headed by P.Golub. The school was only for girls to 1955. The first graduation took place in the hard postwar times in 1948. 12 pupils graduated the school. Three of them have got gold medals, two pupils have got silver medals. The school is proud of its school-leavers. They have become distinguished actors, famous film directors, professors and senior lectures of Kyiv and Lviv universities, writers and ordinary working people. The school is over 65, but it constantly grows young again and renews. Every year its school-leavers set out in their life road. And in autumn a school calls new children again to give them knowledge wings.

Volodymyr-Volynsky comprehensive school of I-III degrees number 2 was put into operation in 1945 as a school for boys. It started its function as a secondary school number 2 from 1957. It moved into a new building in the centre of the town in 10, Kovelska street in 1963. The establishment had been functioning at this address for 17 years. As the number of pupils increased, it was nesessary to widen the area. Thus, in 1980 a big school family gave a house-warming party in a new building at 2, Kotlyarevsky street.

Volodymyr-Volynsky comprehensive school number 3 was formed in 1940. The educational establishment changed its status several times during its existence. In 1946 it became a boy’s school. In 1955 a separate education for boys and girls was abolished. Boys and girls started their studying together again. The school was of Russian language for a long time. But from 2005 it is a Ukrainian language school. The same year the comprehensive school of I-III degree was reformed into the Educational-Up-Bringing Complex.

Before profile and profile education of pupils in English, Maths, Science of law, Ukrainian language and Physical Training is organized at school in a high level. Just here, the pupils of “VIK” team study. They are the champions of Ukraine in football more than once. The EUC (Educational-Up-Bringing Complex) number 3 cooperates tight with the higher educational establishment: the National university: “Ostrog Academy” and Volyn State University by the name of Lesya Ukrainka.

In 2003 the school came out into the international level. The agreement about cooperation with the amalgamation of schools of Bydgovsk Polk, Grabovets (Poland) was concluded. Within the limits of agreement different meetings take place, common measures and celebrations are held, the change of experience between teachers and groups of students are put into practice. The pupils of school take part in the International English Olympiad in Poland.

Among the school-leavers, a famous surgeon-cardiologist Andriy Gens works in Moscow, Lyudmyla Golodova is the head of the department in the Scientific Institute in Sergiiv-Posad (Russia), the parliamentary correspondent “Radio Svoboda” is Maya Nagornyak.

Volodymyr-Volynsky gymnasia are the youngest among all educational establishments of the town. It creates its history itself, because all the roads are opened for those who are brave. The gymnasia are known not only in the region but in Ukraine due to its gifted gymnasia pupils. Every year the participants of subject olimpiads, intellectual tournaments get many awards. Young scientists write and defend successfully their science works. The creative works of teachers are summarized in the rank of methodological books. The pupils and teachers take part in many international projects, keep friendly relations with the educational establishments of Ukraine and Poland (Lublin).

Gymnasia is a small country, where a real citizen is brought up. Every year they elect their own President and the centers of pupils self administration are created. Courageous and sure of their strength gymnasia pupils walk with vigorous strides in their future.
Volodymyr-Volynsky comprehensive school I-III degrees number 5 was founded in 1985. About 800 pupils study here. There are 30 complete set of classes here.

65 teachers, 2 educators, a psyhologist, a teacher-organizer, a swimming instructor, librarians and lab workers work at school. In 2006 the director of the school Anatoliy Korenevsky was given the rank of “Honoured Teacher of Ukraine”. There are two computer rooms, a multimedia room, a gym, a swimming pool, a shooting gallery (50m), an assembly-hall, workshops, a canteen, an ethnology room, etc. All aspects of school activity are regulated by the Charter. The social body of self-government is the school Rada (teachers, parents and pupils).

On March 2, 2007 a kinder-garden number 2 celebrated the 50th anniversary of its foundation. Hanna Orlovska was the first to be at the head of it. In 1967 the kinder-garden moved to a new building in 129, Kovelska Street. It had 6 age groups. The teachers made favorable conditions for the complete physical and spiritual development of each child. In 1980 a new building for 12 age groups was built. Just here, a new pre-school institution number 2 “Kazka” under the guideness of Olga Shlihta started its existence. Many generations of children grew up in this institution. Today the kinder-garden is a pre-school educational institution of physical training and health improving direction. The main task of the institution activity is preserving and improving of physical and spiritual health of children, the formation their personalities and the development of their creative abilities.

On the eve of the 1000th anniversary of Volodymyr-Volynsky, a pre-school educational institution “Volynyanochka” opened its door on the bank of the Luga River. The front of the building was like an ancient castle which turned into the fairy palace for kinds. So, pre-school children have been already visiting it for 20 years. Larysa Vyaltseva is a permanent supervisor of this institution since the date of its foundation. 12 groups function here today. The priorities of the institution are learning English and Polish. One of the groups follows V.Suhomlynsky’s pedagogical heritage. This pre-school educational institution has prepared to school and turned out more than 2000 children. “Volynyanochka” is a cozy home for the little citizens of Ukraine.

The pre-school educational institution number 8 “Vyshyvanka” opened its hospitable door for kids in 1989. A great attention is paid there for artistic education. The teachers form the aesthetic attitude of a child to the nature, the cultural heritage of mankind, teach children to take in the beauty and create it. Since September 2004 the early rehabilitation centre of disabled children was open on the basis of the establishment. All necessary conditions have been created for all-round development of each child himself and his right for interesting and happy life. The atmosphere of the kinder-garden is full of care of the children. The teaching staff is ready for the further creative searching and cooperation with everybody who is interested in constructive decision of the child’s life forming.

Nowadays the educational up-bringing complex “Dzvinochok” is the institution with the profound learning of English and the subjects of the artistic cycle. It cooperates tight with the Pedagogical College.

Since 1959 it was the kinder-garden of Volodymyr-Volynsky Sewing Factory. It has got its name “Dzvinochok”. In 1990 the first groups according to personal creative abilities were organized there. In 1993 “Dzvinochok” became the municipal institution ¹10. Later it was reorganized into the educational up-bringing institution “Dzvinochok” with the profound learning English and aesthetic education.

Volodymyr-Volynsky interschool training centre was founded in October, 1 1980. The first name was Volodymyr-Volynsky interschool training centre of labour education and pupil’s professional orientation. The pupils always win the first prized at Regional and Republican Olympiads in Labour Training. Since 1980 the training centre has occupied the building of the former school ¹5 in Dragomanov Street. The training centre has 5 training cars and 2 models. A sewing workshop for 34 pupils, studies, workshops and labs were also equipped there. Every year over 200 school leaves get the working professions at this institution. Over 5500 workers were graduated since the time of the training center’s functioning.
Out-of-school activity centre is like a separate land where they teach how to live, create, work and dream. It is only six years old. But a door to the future has already been opened before it. Every year it achieves its aim and puts new tasks before itself.

Out-of-school activity centre is a life. It is difficult, tense but joyful. It is a system with its own traditions, with its Charter, with its own way of communication between children and grown-ups. 4 sections are functioning here. The teachers of ecologically naturalistic section open the door before those who are not indifferent to the flora and fauna of our country. And there is a tourist-regional studies section for those who can’t live without travelling. They will help to construct planes and ships, to make the first attempts of a young designer in the technical section. Everybody is impressed by the beauty and grace of the artisticy-aesthetic sections pupils. The pupils of different circles were the winners of International, All-Ukrainian, Regional, Local contests, festivals, tournaments and competitions, All-Ukrainian classification tournament of sport dancing “Perlyna”, singing contest “Yuni Golosy” are organized here. They take an active part in the organization of All-Ukrainian contest among young performers “Volodymyr”.

The establishment made friendly relations with the children’s body from Poland and Belarus. The pupils took part and became the winner of the International contest “Kolyadka bez kordoniv’ in Hainovka city, the International song and creative form festival in Tarnobzheg city. Out-of-school activity centre provides the organization of different activity kinds for children and youth. It was the educational value and enriches personal qualities, cultural and spiritual development of the pupils. It organizes skillfully the children’s activity in their free time.

Volodymyr-Volynsky sporting school for children and youth was founded in 1954. Yefym Purmenko was its first supervisor. Gymnastics and basketball sections were opened at that time. In 1960 the section of track-and-field events and bullet shooting were opened. After them sporting school for children and youth cultivates such kinds of sports as basketball, volleyball, track-and-field events, football, table tennis and collisthenics.
The Olympic champion in football Volodymyr Tatarchuk began his training here. He became the champion being a member of the combined team of the USSR at the Olympiad in 1988 in Seoul. The school has prepared many masters of sports, such as V.Levkov, G.Yaremchyk, L.Savytska, V.Porodin, V.Prystupa, V.Yachmenyov in track-and field events, N.Inshuna in bullet shooting and many others.

Modern achievements of the school’s pupils are connected with the successful performing of young footballers.
The team of boys born 1991 is the champions of Ukraine three times, the boys born 1992 were the champions once; they were prize-winners 2 times. The boys born in 1992 became the champions of Ukraine in the competition for the club prize “Shkiryany myach” 2 times. And in 2007 the boys born in 1995 became the champions of Ukraine in this competition. The footballers born in 1992 took the 4th place in the Higher League of the Football Championship in Ukraine in 2005-2006 seasons.

A special boarding school of general education of the I-III degrees for children suffering from dull hearing has been living and functioning for 60 years with its own joy, success and failure. It has become a native home for pupils and teachers.

This educational establishment is one out of 31 in Ukraine and the only one in the region where children, suffering from dull hearing, study, develop and are brought up.

The school prepares them to the life of full value. It tries to avoid a painful feeling of needlessness, estrangement among those who can hear well.

Today 102 children aged from 6 to 19 from different parts of Volyn study here. They get full secondary education and professional preparation here. They bring joy to their parents and teachers. Young artists have traveled throughout Volyn. They have visited Poland, the Carpathians and they are repeated winners of the festival “Believe in yourself”. The school is proud of its sportsmen too because the prize–winners of all-Ukrainian sports and athletics meeting “Believe in yourself” study here. The champions of Ukraine in track-and-field events and table-tennis are among the children-invalids.

The most of their school-leavers work in the regional enterprises successfully. They also study in the special secondary and vocational training establishments for children suffering from dull hearing.

The higher educational establishment “Volodymyr-Volynsky Pedagogical College named after A.Krymsky” was founded as pedagogical school in 1939 to train pedagogical personnel for working in new-created Ukrainian schools of the western regions of Ukraine. The studying of the first students was interrupted by the Great Patriotic War. On July 20, 1944 Volodymyr-Volynskyi was liberated from fascists' occupation and on July, 24 the work of the pedagogical school was renewed under the head of M.Yerofeyew. The first teachers graduating of the primary school was in 1945. It numbered 21 persons. In accordance with the resolution of the Rada of People’s Commissars of the USSR from November 3, 1944

Volodymry-Volynsky pedagogical school was renamed as pedagogical college.
In 1971, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of a well-known scientifist, academican of the Academy of Science of Ukraine Agatangel Krymsky, the college was given his name in accordance with the resolution number 29 of Rada of Ministers of Ukraine from May 7, 1971.
On October 18, 2005 in accordance with the resolution of Volyn Regional Rada, the pedagogical college was reorganized into the higher educational establishment “Volodmyr-Volynsky pedagogical college named after A.Krymsky”.

The college has prepared more then 12.000 school and kindergarten teachers. A scientific and material base gives an opportunity to organize the educational and up-bringing process strictly. There is a students’ hostel for those who wish, a canteen, a gym and an assembly-hall, a library and reading-hall at students’ service.

There is a school in a picturesque place of the town on the bank of the quiet Luga river. It has become a native home for many children of the region. It is a boarding-school of general education of the I-III degrees for children orphans and children deprived of parents’ care.
This educational establishment was founded in 1980. Almost 2000 pupils have been let out of it since that time. In hard 90s the pedagogical staff began to work out the alternative sources of financing and providing of the boarding-school. Common Ukrainian and German projects began to be realized. Even today the school has good relations with the German beneficial organizations: “Renaissance Osteuropa e V” and “Diakonishes Werk”.

In 2002 an agreement about cooperation was signed with Volyn regional Lyceum with high military preparation, and the branch in future and get a professional military preparation.

Today 270 children are brought up at school. An Honored Teacher of Education of Ukraine Valentyn Virkovsky has been heading here for 20 years.
Volodymyr-Volynsky Higher Vocational school was born on November 1, 1954 when 300 pupils began their first studying year. Over 50 years have passed since that time. Today 600 students get working professions for agricultural branches, trade and high industry. In 2002 the vocational school has come the state accreditation.
Under the instruction of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine the vocational school began its functions as higher vocational school from March 31, 2003.

The vocational school has not only the past, creative and modern, but wide perspectives of its development for future. Under the competent direction of Volodymyr Smolyar it becomes possible to achieve much success in future.
Volodymyr-Volynsky agricultural Technical Secondary School was founded in 1944. The address of it is 27, General Shuhevych Street. The director is Konovalyuk Oleksandr Vasylyovych.

Volodymry-Volynsky Medical Technical College is a private educational establishmebt. It has the 1st degree of accreditation. It was founded in 2003 in accordance with the resolution of the Executive Committee of Volodymyr-Volynsky Town Rada. The studying began in 2004. 95 students were he first to study here. More than 350 future medical workers study in the college today.
In accordance with State Accreditation Committee from March 14, 2005 it was given a licence on the right of inculcation of educational activity to give a higher education in the direction of “Medicine”. In 2007, from June 26, the establishment was accredetated. Zdihovsky Dmytro is at the head of it.

Volodymyr-Volynsky Central District Hospital is the main practical bases of the college. The students have an opportunity to get fundamental knowledge, skills and acquired habits with the help of qualified practicing doctors, veterans of medicine and pharmacy. A qualitative preparation of the specialists is directed to acting standards and modern European level.